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Fuel Testing

CFCS performs In-House Specification and Contamination testing mainly on Diesel/Middle distillate fuels, however we can assist on other fuel's.

The Following tests have been Engineered to give a good, detailed summary on the Quality of the fuel been tested.

Below in PDF Format are the fuel testing reports we provide per sample tested. 

Fuel Test Summary

This is a technical report highlighting the results and test methods used.

Written Fuel Summary

Is a Quick Picture based report Highlighting the condition of the fuel.

The following tests are completed In-House and form our Specification & Contamination Test Suit.

  1. Iso 4406 Cleanliness to ASTM D8166-21

  2. Bio %  F.A.M.E To ASTM D8274

  3. Density to ASTM D7777

  4. Cetane to ASTM D613

  5. Clear & Bright to ASTM D4176

  6. Debris/MBG = Visual

  7. Free water = Visual

  8. Biological Activity = ATP AOAC Certified

  9. Flash Point to ASTM D975

  10. PPM Moisture to ASTM D6304

  11. Cloud Point to ASTM D7397

  12. Dielectric Strength = In House

  13. Fuel Elemental Analysis & Impurities (ASTM D6728) 

  14. PH of Fuel = In House Dictated by CFCS if required

  15. FBT (Filter blocking tendency) IP 387 Procedure B

  16. Viscosity (ASTM D7042)

  17. Soap content in Diesel (In House titration)

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